Re: Partnership Payment of (N907,920.00) TO OGUNSOLA ADEKANMBI of 102 Tickets Partnership ID 32

I still can’t believe my eyes. Everything happened so fast. From speaking with you guys on the phone to now a reality. For those of them eating beans like you always say in your mails. This is REAL. REAL. REAL. My first maiden payment was 907,920 naira. REAL MONEY. REAL MONEY. THANKS ALOT. More to come. My prayers are for you. I would be able to pay back the loan i took to enter your business. I am so happy at last that there are trusted Nigerians like you. Thank you sir. My regards to your family. More grease to your elbow. I wwould bring most of my church members, workers infact more promotions ahead and more clients. Sir, I would also contact you in purchasing more GURU-VIP accounts to increase more earnings and more clients. I want to always be celebrated. bless Thanks sir. NAIJA BIZ CONCEPTS Adekanmbi OgunSola