Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

CashMoneyEnvoy Frequently Asked Questions 


Are there Testimonies of Other Partners Who Are Benefiting from CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program?

Hundreds of them! Interestingly to make our websites and platform load faster for the benefit of other users, we strive to publish the most relevant Testimonies. More Testimonies would be added daily.  Click Here To Read Some of The Testimonies. You can send CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program your testimony by simply sending us a mail to [email protected]


Who Can Become A Partner with CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program?

Anyone who can read and perform basic command task online. 95% of the CashMoneyEnvoy Business setup has been done. So literally, you stand to get all the Login information regarding your partnership Business and also your website in relation to your Information Marketing Business with us.

How Do I Contact CashMoneyEnvoy Support Team!

If you are a Partner. You can send us a Message directly from your Account on the MESSAGE CENTRE MENU. Instruction on Sending CashMoneyEnvoy Support Team is there. If you are a guest, simply send us an email to [email protected] or [email protected]

Does Information Marketing on CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program entails selling?

YES! We repeat, YES! Information Marketing is legit. This entails the selling of useful digital Information Materials or content to buyers all around globally for profit making. By leveraging on the brand of CashMoneyEnvoy, you stand to utilize the power of our Millions of customers all around who buys our products, packages. Thereby inturn in sharing Partnership Commission with you. BUYING and SELLING revolves round the global market. Everyone buys one thing or the other and sells. CashMoneyEnvoy does NOT print money.

What are the Partnership Plans on CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program?

The Partnership Plans refers to the levels by which Information Marketing Business context is done and managed on the CashMoneyEnvoy Platform. We have 4 Plans. The STANDARD PLAN, The PROFESSIONAL PLAN, The GURU PLAN and lastly, the GURU-VIP PLAN. Please Click Here to get more details regarding each Partnership Plan.

How Long Would I Get My WEBSITE/BLOG From CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program to Start Earning!

The STANDARD PLAN – Comes with a BLOG with ready made resources for how you can get to start earning. The Other plans such a the PROFESSIONAL, GURU and the GURU-VIP Plan comes with a defined website designed with your details for you to start earning with our Platform. The SETUP would take approximately 3 days to be completed. You would get a notification in your CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Dashboard > MESSAGE CENTRE > MESSAGE BOX of complete configuration of your Business SETUP.

How Long Would It Take For Me To Start Earning wit CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program?

Due to factors and time it takes for us to setup your Business Account, Websites/ Blog and other pages regarding your platform. Once your clients base has been populated from our Backed API Servers, you should start earning in 3 to 7 days. Its real and LEGITIMATE since CashMoneyEnvoy processes all the transactions on your behalf and uses them to pay you.

What is CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program?

CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program – It is regarded as a marketing skill or association between CashMoneyEnvoy Business Brand and you (Partner), in which the we pay the Partner a commission for referring someone else to purchase the vendor’s product or service through the Partner’s Blog/ Website setup for you by the CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program.

Can I Make Payments via Online for INSTANT ACCESS?

YES! You can make online payments which is securely processed by PAYSTACK. CashMoneyEnvoy does not collect/store your ATM Card details. Please note that you can be able to pay instantly for any of our CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program plans. CLICK HERE TO MAKE PAYMENTS ONLINE NOW.

After making payments, you would be prompted on the next step to take. Your WEBSITE/BLOG and Partnership Plan details would also be processed in accordance with your Partnership Plan timeline for you to start earning with us.

What is CashMoneyEnvoy PROMO/ COUPON CODE?

This is a digit string of character that can be purchased from CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership authorized dealers nationwide and in some selected supermarkets. The PROMO/ COUPON CODE can be purchased in the equivalent of your Partnership Business PLAN such as STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, GURU and the GURU-VIP PLAN amounts. You can use the purchased CODE to register for the CashMoneyEnvoy Partnership Program. Please click Here if you have a CashMoneyEnvoy PROMO/ COUPON CODE TO MAKE REGISTRATION ON OUR PLATFORM.

After using your CashMoneyEnvoy PROMO/ COUPON CODE to register your account successfully, you would be prompted with the next step on how to send CashMoneyEnvoy your Details to begin your BLOG/ WEBSITE setup for your Partnership business.